How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows – Some Advice

The idea of writing your own Wedding Vows can be scary! They are such complicated words when we have to sum up all the love we have in just a few words. People are often worried about what they can say that would make their partner feel perfect. After all, not everyone is a brilliant writer who can go out of conventional ways to write something beautiful for their loved ones. But you know what? when you look at your bride walking down the aisle, the look on your face tells them everything they need to know. And when the bride sees the groom smiling and crying at the same time, it’s the most heartfelt moment of life.

So, if you want to make your wedding ceremony is unique and perfect for you and write your vows smartly. If you have no idea where to start, then here are some ideas that would help you do it right.

Tip 1: Read Someone Else’s Wedding Vows:

No, I’m are not suggesting you stalk your local church or wedding venue to hear what other people said in their wedding vows. The internet is a great place to start, a quick search for example wedding vows will soon bring up multiple examples.  Have a read through and it will no doubt give you a good starting place.  

Tip 2: Discuss Your Wedding Vows With Your Partner:

Before you sit down to write your vows, talk to your partner first. Discuss what kind of vows you would like to write down. You can write something humorous, funny, poetic, romantic, and anything else that you would like. As you make a decision about how you would want your vows to come across, think about one more thing. Ask your partner if he/she would like to write the vows together. Also, make a decision whether you would like to hear the vows before the wedding ceremony or not. For me as your Wedding Videographer, you can’t beat the genuine reaction of you hearing your vows for the first time so my advice would be to write your vows on your own and keep them a secret.

Tip 3: Highlight the Best Moments of Your Relationship:

To write down your vows, you have to go through the memory lane. Remember all the precious moments you spent with your partner. Remember all the laughs and cries you had with them. Remember all the time when you guys held each other at your worst. And remember how they supported you throughout all the challenges life threw at you. As you look to the future, you’ll have a reflection of the past too. From the first time you saw your partner till this moment, tell how much they mean to you. In the vows, you have a chance to appreciate your soul mate and thank him/her for everything they did for you.

Tip 4: Think About the Most Unique Promises To Make In Your Wedding Vows:

After these shorts words and a quick kiss, you guys are going to be a married couple.  It’s time to be a little creative with your wedding vows.  Feel free not to just stick to the traditional wedding vows of supporting each other, holding each other, and all. Tell them that you would curl up their hair whenever needed, or promise that you would be okay if you leave your socks on the floor or something else you can think of. You don’t always need to make it big. At precious moments, the little things matter the most.

Tip 5: Don’t Just Think What You Want to Say, Write It Down:

This is your time to tell your bride/groom just how much they mean to you.  Make sure that you don’t forget a word, make sure that you write your own wedding vows down on a card. If you are worried that you won’t be able to read it then type it out so the vows are nice and clear.

Tip 6: Try To Avoid Clichés:

Ok so let’s get this straight, you are writing your own wedding vows here, you want them to be personal to you.  The last thing you want to do is pack your vows full of clichés. So, avoid writing something that would overpower the real things. Don’t just copy the vows from a movie or a website; keep it as real as possible. If you rely on the cliché phrases that you have read or heard, then you risk remembering your wedding for those lines. Write your own wedding vows in the most personal way possible and then your wedding film will keep those words for eternity.

Tip 7: Be Candid, Original, and Prepared:

If you want to make the ceremony perfect, it will be better if you come prepared. When you are writing your vows, it’s not time to be pretentious, obscure, or equivocal, you only need to be truthful. Say the truth about how you feel and tell your partner how important they are.

Prepare and practice, but don’t over-rehearse it! How are you going to start and how you want to end the vows. Make sure that you know how to pronounce every word.  Don’t be melodramatic and overdo it. As long as you are looking right into the eyes of your soul mate, you’ll feel everything you need to feel at the moment.

I hope that these little tips help you to write your own wedding vows and that you have the perfect wedding day!

Rachael and Karl were married at Southwood Hall in Norfolk and wrote some really beautiful vows that had just the right amount of emotion and humour.

Norfolk Wedding Celebrant Write your own wedding vows

Remember, at the heart of your wedding vows is the fact that this is a public declaration of your commitment to each other. The words should be created for others to witness and not simply as a private conversation between you and your partner.

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