August 2018│Southwood Hall│Norfolk


Sit down, get some popcorn in and make yourself comfortable for this one, it’s just a little bit special! Liam and Martyn at Southwood Hall and the place was absolutely rocking!

When someone you have known for 10 years starts talking to you about being their wedding videographer, it’s easy to get just a little bit excited!  When that wedding day is Liam and Martyn’s I just knew it was going to be something a little bit special!

The Dream Team was 100% on fire for this one, always awesome working with Mr Tim Stephenson (Wedding Photographer) you can always guarantee it’s going to be a cracker when we are both working together, add in to that Southwood Hall,  two legendary guys and a whole load of family and friends this had all the makings of a classic.  Boy did it deliver!! Southwood Hall was the perfect wedding venue for these two and somewhere where you can always rely on receiving excellent service.  I always enjoy my time as a wedding videographer there.  KWF provided the wedding flowers and combined with the candelabras made a real feature of the barn.

Epic Wedding Day

All of Liam & Martyn’s friends and family were just awesome on the day! It helped to make the day all that more special for them.  Add into everything a pretty epic dancefloor in the evening this wedding had the lot!!

This is also a pretty special film for me as I have said I have known Liam for around 10 years and I know just what this day meant to him and just how excited he is to see this so I hope I have done you both proud mate!! An absolute pleasure and a privilege to be your wedding videographer!

HIT THAT VOLUME UP LOUD, It’ll be worth it! I promise!

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Mike Savory is an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.


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