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How to plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

15th September 2020


Planning any wedding can be a costly affair – but beyond financial cost.  The planning and execution surrounding those beautiful weddings you see online can have a significant impact on the environment too. For eco-conscious couples that would love an eco-friendly wedding.  Without doubt, that might mean thinking outside the box. But in the end, that added personal touch can make your big day even more special.

Want to know how to plan a beautiful, elegant wedding like you’ve always dreamed while still staying eco-friendly? Here are just a few ways to get that plan in action.

1. Get Rid of Plastic on Your Big Day

From wedding favours to throwaway cups, cake stands to table centrepieces.  Plastic is everywhere in the average wedding. But making a conscious effort to go plastic-free for your wedding can be a fantastic way to help make the planet a little greener.  While providing a more memorable and positive experience for your guests.

Opting for paper, cardboard and natural materials for decorations over plastic and non-recyclables can add that rustic charm to your day.  Whilst also being completely safe for composting or recycling once the festivities are over. Little changes, like recyclable cutlery or eco-friendly bunting instead of balloons, really do make all the difference.


2. Pick Local for Services and Purchases

While items purchased from Chinese selling sites or favours picked up online might seem like a great deal at the time.  Going for an eco-friendly wedding means going above and beyond to achieve your moral and ethical goals. Airfare, both for transporting parcels and people, can have a massive toll on the environment that many of us aren’t even aware of.

By shopping local for anything from natural confetti to hired decorations.  You can ensure you’re not having that major impact on the planet – and supporting local companies at the same time. There are likely plenty of vegan, eco-friendly and zero-waste businesses near you if you know where to look.

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3. Go Digital with your Invites, Menus and More

For tech-savvy couples, you’ll be pleased to know that going digital isn’t only convenient – it’s eco-friendly too! By forgoing physical invitations and RSVPs for a digital equivalent.  It’s possible to reduce the waste of your wedding by a large margin.

Get rid of table menus and opt for a single chalkboard display to further reduce your impact. Some happy couples are even opting for virtual guestbooks and photobooths too.  This can ensure that their eco-friendliness is at an all-time high. Leaving them guilt-free to enjoy their big day, and with plenty of digital memories to appreciate how it all went down.


4. Hire or choose second-hand for your wedding party

While some brides consider a brand-new dress a must.  You may find that many of the gowns that are now in style can be purchased second-hand for a fraction of the price.  Look just as good, if not better.

The clothing industry massively contributes to pollution and waste issues around the world.  Choosing second-hand for your wedding makes a powerful statement on your commitment to eco-friendliness. Not to mention, family hand-me-downs or vintage clothing is packed full of beautiful memories and history.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of positivity when they’re getting hitched?


5. Get married close to home or family

As mentioned above, international travel can be a significant strike against an eco-friendly wedding, thanks to the carbon footprint eaten up by flights every single day.

If you want to keep your big day on the right side of that green line, opting to get married close to home is an excellent way to up your eco-friendliness.

If you have a concentration of family in another part of the country, reducing their travel with a ceremony local to them is also an option. But realistically, getting married anywhere in driving distance is a far better prospect for planet-conscious couples planning to tie the knot.


6. Grow your own flowers

If your wedding is quite a way off.  One beautifully personal way to add a touch of eco-friendliness is to grow your bouquets, buttonholes and even confetti. While many find opting for a local, ethical florist an easier prospect, there’s something that bit more magical about making use of something you’ve nurtured with your own hands for a specific purpose.


There are a thousand and one ways to have an eco-friendly wedding – the limit is up to you. Whether you’re planning a huge bash or a low-key celebration, couples of all shapes and sizes are opting for ethical, sustainable and eco-conscious weddings all over the UK. Whatever your plans, going green is never a bad idea.

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You can also find lot’s of wedding blogs out there that focus on having a sustainable wedding.  Check Out the Ethical Wedding Blog which is packed full of information.

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