April 2018│Gt. Melton Rectory│Norfolk


It’s not often I am lost for words but well, where do I start?  Lets start with saying Kerry and Dan were freaking awesome!!  It’s genuinely flattering when someone who has their own wedding business asks you to film their wedding day.

Kerry and Dan run the aptly named Epic Event Hire and if that doesn’t give you a clue as to how damn awesome this day was going to be I don’t know what would.  The guys set together a little crack team, well make that a big crack team of awesome wedding suppliers to put together their wedding day at Gt Melton Old Rectory (a hidden gem!) and I think you will see it was all worth it!!

What made it all the more epic was that they booked my partner in crime, Tim Stephenson Photography to work alongside me to capture some amazing images and boy he nailed it!! Check out his images here…

Tim and I have known each other the best part of 20 years so when we work together it just works!  We have a similar eye and go for very similar shots and that’s probably why some call us The Dream Team.

On the way over we popped by The Holiday Inn Ipswich Road to see Dan and the Bridesmaids then it was over to The Old Rectory to catch all the bridal prep.


Wedding Ceremony

It was soon time for Kerry to make her way down the stairs and she was desperate to get down the aisle to find Dan.  After a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in an idyllic grove, the party could really start.  This wedding pretty much had everything you could ask for, a beautiful backdrop, stunning sunset, a field, a couple who were happy to trust Tim and I to do our thang and one hell of a dance floor!

So enough from me, get strapped in, crank up the volume you’re about to go on one hell of a ride!!


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Mike Savory is an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.


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