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Best UK Wedding Planning Websites

1st April 2020

Best UK Wedding Planning Websites

As anyone who has ever been engaged will know, the dawning realisation that you suddenly have a wedding to plan can feel a little overwhelming. Making sure that the big day will be one to remember can be very stressful. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there designed to help.  Without doubt they help couples enlist all of the necessary services for their weddings also to take the stress out of the planning process. Whether you’re on the lookout for an expert wedding planner or are just looking for some style inspiration.  I’ve put together my top eight UK wedding websites to help you get started.

1. Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding is certainly one of the UK’s most popular wedding websites.  It is dedicated to everything chic and unique about the wedding world.  In particular, it is a one-stop site packed with information.  Ideal for future brides and grooms and stylish inspiration. They also have their awesome hand-picked directory called The List which I am proud to be a member of.

2. Guides for Brides

Guides for Brides is a wedding website that was launched in 1995.  It is full of information for any couple looking to arrange their wedding day.  As well as that they also run their popular 5 Star wedding awards.  I am proud to have been in the top 10 in the UK three times.

2. Bridebook

Bridebook is a wedding website designed to take the confusion out of wedding planning.  Specifically, it has lots of articles and suppliers to help you plan your day.  In addition, they also run their wedding awards.  I won a Platinum Certificate of Excellence.

4. Hitched

Founded in 1997, Hitched has helped couples prepare for their weddings for over two decades. The wedding website chiefly prides itself on covering virtually every aspect of wedding planning.  From choosing the right engagement ring all the way through to organising the honeymoon. It features a vast marketplace full of gorgeous venues and reliable suppliers. also, it is packed with online planning tools to ensure couples stay organised.

5. Confetti

If you’re feeling totally uninspired about how you want your wedding to look and feel, Confetti is a great place to start. It features a variety of excellent list articles offering advice on topics such as how to plan your wedding on a budget and what sorts of flowers to buy for the big day. It also hosts an online shop where you can pick up small bits and pieces for your wedding.

6. UK Bride

UK Bride is a wedding website with a number of helpful resources.  Above all, a database of wedding venues and inspirational articles.  There is a forum for members to discuss their wedding ideas that by and. Drawing inspiration from other couples, in particular, is a great idea if you’re feeling a little lost.

7. WeddingWire

WeddingWire is, without doubt, the biggest online global marketplace for engaged couples to connect with local suppliers for their wedding. Altogether, millions of people around the world have used the directory to make their wedding dreams come true.

8. Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner, without doubt, does what it says on the tin.  It allows users to search for their perfect locations and suppliers from a vast database.  Specifically, they claim to have helped over 50,000 couples in the UK. Wedding Planner, evidently, seems to be committed to their customers. In particular, their team is contactable any day of the week in case of emergencies.

In conclusion, these eight top wedding websites are full of useful information to plan your wedding.  Similarly, there is one website that hasn’t made the list and that’s the mighty Pinterest.  Pinterest is, without doubt, the go-to for many couples looking for inspiration and can be useful.  Be that as it may, my only word of caution would be don’t overdo it!  It is nevertheless very easy to get too obsessed.  Wanting your wedding to be picture-perfect that ultimately you forget what it is all about!

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