How I Protect Your Wedding Film

How I Back Up Your Wedding Film – Protecting Your Memories

For me, your wedding day isn’t over when I leave you as you dance the night away.  Until I deliver your wedding film, it is really important I take every step possible to protect the footage captured on the day.  The first thing I do upon arriving home (even before saying hello to Mrs S!) is to boot up my PC and copy my memory cards to an internal Hard Drive.  This is copied internally onto a second internal Hard Drive and also to a RAID external device giving me three physical copies within my office.

All the time this is copying, I am also uploading all the footage captured to an online cloud service.  The current service I use is  which allow me to have an offsite online copy of all all of your memories, just in case!

As a final peace of mind, one more copy is made on an external Hard Drive which is stored in a separate location in a fireproof safe.

Once you have received your wedding film, I start to remove the layers of back up at intervals.  Firstly the online version is removed once you have received your films, I keep the internal hard drive copies for up to one year after the wedding day before being deleted.

Upon delivery, I always thoroughly recommend that your download and keep more than one copy of your films.  Once I have sent the copy to you by my online delivery supplier (currently MediaZilla but migrating to a new supplier this year) the online supplier will keep your films online for a period of up to 10 years.

Your memories are the most important thing to me and I make sure that I take the time to back up all the footage as soon as possible up until you receive those memories in your wedding film.

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