I'm Mike Savory, owner and Film Maker at MS ProVision. I started filming weddings in 2009 when I filmed my sister's wedding but my love of film goes back much further. Aged 13 I bought my first camcorder (Sony ironically) after saving up my Christmas tips from my paper round and that was it I was hooked. When my (long suffering) wife and I went on our first holiday to Switzerland I put together a little video and from there things began to snow ball. I was soon being asked to edit friend's wedding videos and I thought let's do this!!

I very much work in my own way, hopefully, bringing my personality to my work and any wedding I am lucky enough to be invited to. I use small discrete cameras and my trusty monopod to capture your day so I can be as subtle as possible (however sometimes running is seen). While I may not always take myself too seriously one thing I take completely seriously is providing you with the best possible memories of the most important day of your life.

Away from weddings I am married to my lovely wife Emily and have two children who are my world and the reason I do anything. I love nothing more than just spending time with them as they can lighten up any day. If among all this I do find a few moments of spare timeI also love playing cricket and have played for some years for Hardingham Cricket Club in Norfolk.

So if you are looking for a fun Norfolk Wedding Videographer you have come to the right place!

A picture may say a thousand words but film brings all those words to life.